The Work of Sculptor Joe Sorge Included in The Wit Gallery’s “Art of Giving” 2021 Winter Charity Drive

Save up to 20% on sculptures by Joe Sorge while supporting a cause you believe in

Connecticut sculptor Joe Sorge creates works in steel for indoors and outdoors. He has generously included all of the work currently on display at The Wit Gallery in our Winter Charity Drive, “The Art of Giving”. A sampling is below.

During the “Art of Giving”, receive a 10% discount off the original price of sculpture by Joe Sorge and an additional 10% will be given to the charity of your choice, in your name. * Now through March 20th, 2021.

“Bronze Crescent”, steel with Japanese patina, 19"h x 8.5"w $ 600; “Gold Triangles”, steel with Japanese patina, 24"h x 10“w $ 650; “Red Shimmer”powder coated steel; 25.5 “h x 13.5 “w $1,250

For more information about this artist, call the gallery at 413–637–8808, email at, visit our website:, or better yet, come in and visit!

For complete details about the “Art of Giving” click here.

*donation may be tax-deductible.



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The Wit Gallery

The Wit Gallery of Contemporary Art & Sculpture, located in Lenox, MA, shows a diverse range of work from established and emerging artists from the world over.